Quick Tips

HELPERS (A.K.A. DISTRACTIONS):  I understand you may feel the need to bring Grandma or another helper on the day of the session. They can be extremely helpful in the preparation for and travel to the session, and it’s very valuable to have photos of your children with their grandparents, which we can absolutely do during your session. I do find, though, that babies and children take much better photos if there are fewer people on the scene. You don’t want someone competing with my camera for the child’s attention (even YOU, mom or dad!). For this reason, helpers may be asked to hang back during the session.

NO-BRAINER TIPS WE MOMS SOMETIMES FORGET:  Wash and brush your child’s hair. Really. You might be surprised how easy this one is to forget if it’s not a daily occurrence for whatever reason.  If you bring a security blanket, favorite toy or pacifier, because you think your child might need it at some point, please know that, from the moment you bring it out, it will be a part of the photo shoot. That’s fine! It’s part of your life. On the other hand, there’s a really good chance that your child won’t need it at all, no matter how big a part of his or her life it is on a regular basis. Moms: wear makeup. Even if you hardly ever wear makeup, at least some powder, blush, mascara, and lip color (lighter lips and subtle eyeshadow usually read best on-camera) will make you feel more beautiful and confident, and you’ll be pleased when you see the photos.

A NOTE ABOUT DISCIPLINE:  We will have fun.  We will be sily. I want kids’ true personalities to come out. I don’t want these little effervescent people to be on their “best behavior.” When you’re here, there’s no need to fuss over manners or anything like that. We want to laugh, so let your kid be wild, gross, silly, or whatever. In fact, I’m a mom to a boy and dog so silliness and fun are where I’m comfortable.  A photo session with me is definitely one place where you can let your kid be a KID! Tell them that I’ll be the one giving them direction. Then, once you walk in the door, let me take over. That way, you don’t have to stress yourselves out trying to keep them “in line.”

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