So, THIS is Thor…

And he is awesome.

His folks are pretty cool too, but this is his time to shine.  In addition to being ridiculously handsome, he’s also quite an athlete.

You should never come between Thor and his ball, unless of course you enjoy being swept off your feet and landing face first in the dirt.

In addition to his mad skills on the field, Thor is also an all-star drooler.  Most of all,
Thor is a lover and spends most of his time taking care of his family.  Good boy, Thor.

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Love, Light and Silly Smiles

You know those people who embrace & enjoy life to the fullest, bringing joy and light wherever they go?  I love those people.  I try to BE ‘those people’.  Some days,  that comes easier than others 🙂

Well, this happy little guy is lucky to have one of those people as his mama.  I’ve known his mom a long time, more than half my life, and she has always been ‘one of those people’.  Her warmth and humor always make me smile and seeing her as a mom was such a beautiful treat for me.  I knew she’d be an amazing mother, if she ever chose to take that journey, and I’m so glad she did.  Because from what I can tell, her gorgeous boy is already following in her footsteps to become ‘one of those people’ too.

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Long Island Girls: best in the world

When I was about 8 years old, I had a tank top with that very quote scrawled across the front in a very 80’s appropriate graffiti-style print.  Man, I loved that shirt.  Fast-forward 25+ years and I find myself falling in love with Long Island all over again.  I may not live there anymore, but its where my roots are, my people, my beach and my history.

I had the pleasure of photographing another Long Island girl on my recent visit and hanging out with this beauty reminded me once again of how much fun my job is and how lucky I am that I get to call this work.  Her vibrant smile, never-ending enthusiasm and sheer joy at being photographed made for an awesome session and I am so thrilled that we
had the opportunity to ‘work’ together.  From one Long Island girl to another, thank you.
And yes, we’re still the best in the world!

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THIS JUST IN: Being a kid still ROCKS

Wow, what a party!  Had a blast photographing this ‘Secret Agent’ y Party here in Austin last month.   This crazily creative family thought of everything- from secret identities for everyone to a sparkling ‘bomb’ to be diffused.   A super fun time was had by all! 

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The Long Island Sessions: 2012

Hello East Coast Friends!

I am so excited to announce the Long Island Sessions!

This August, I will be in the New York Metro Area for a limited time and am now scheduling sessions for the week of the 15th-20th.  All sessions booked in advance will receive the East Coast Friends and Family rates listed below.  This is a spectacular deal and the perfect time to capture those family and children portraits that you’ve been wanting.  Check it out, you have two (2) levels to choose from. Call or email asap to get your session booked as space is limited!

Full Session: Includes 1-2 hour photo session at the location of your choice, resulting in 45-50 artistically edited and retouched images from your session presented in an online proofing gallery. This package includes a DVD of all edited hi-res images from your session,  suitable for printing.  Additional products including prints, canvases and coffee table books can also be ordered separately. $300 (reg $600)

A la Carte Session: Includes 1 hour photo session  at the location of your choice, resulting in 25-40 artistically edited and retouched images from your session presented in an online proofing gallery. This package includes one (1) hi-res image (suitable for printing) from your session. Additional products including prints, canvases and coffee table books ordered separately.   $125 (reg $200)

Book before 7/31 and receive an additional $25 off your session!

Any questions, give me a call (512.879.8188) or shoot me an email at


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Silly Summer Snapshot Contest!

So, judging by the triple digit temperatures today here in Austin, I think it is safe to say that Summer has officially arrived. That means, the time has come for the Silly Summer Snapshot Contest!

Enter to win a Full Portrait Photo session ($600 value) for you, your children, your family, your dog, whoever!  For details on what is included in a full session, check out         Suzanne Reiss Photography: Sessions

The TOP TEN snapshots submitted will be posted here on the blog beginning 7/7/12 and the voting will be open until the end of July.  Get your people voting! Prizes will be awarded to the top THREE!

Email submissions to  Submissions accepted until 7/4/12

Good luck and Happy Shooting!

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One Barn, 12 Boots and a Baby

I can honestly say, photographing this family of six was a breeze.  Four beautiful, well-mannered children, their super fun and mellow parents and a gorgeous morning in a flower filled field all adds up to a fantastic family session for all.  Thoroughly enjoyed the day and LOVE the results!

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And she doesn’t ask for much. Maybe a few photos of her grandson to brag about every now and then.   Now is the perfect time to celebrate your mom and surprise her with some beautiful photographs from your last session with Suzanne Reiss Photography.   When you place your order by May 15th, save 20% off your order.  That includes prints, canvases and coffee table books!

Treat yourself too… With fresh photos from a past session or take advantage of a

Mother’s Day Mini Session for only $75 (see details here)

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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Bluebonnets and Barbed Wire

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the opportunity to explore our environment.  Luckily for me, I have a family that is always game for an adventure and doesn’t mind hopping a barbed wire fence in exchange for a chance to frolic through a field of wildflowers!

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“Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

I’m quite sure I’ve never been more joyous about the rains than I have been this year.  After the last summer we experienced here in Austin, the sight, sound and scent of the rain splashing down is such a welcome introduction to the treasures that a Central Texas Spring offers.  As the bluebonnets and paintbrushes bloom along the highways, coloring our travels with their brilliant hues, I am in awe of the beautiful resilience of our beloved Mother Nature.   And every time I gather with a family to photograph their romp around a newly discovered patch of vibrant wildflowers, I remember how much I cherish this gorgeous, fleeting season and count my blessings once again.



Experienced your wildflower photo session yet? I’ll be booking mini-sessions through May 31st, 2012.   Space is limited.  Call 512.879.8188 today to schedule your session. Additional details



(quote: Gilbert K. Chesterton)

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