Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This week while wrapping up a particularly charming session, I wistfully declared aloud, “I love my job…” to which my 7-year old son who was sitting nearby responded pointedly, “Why?”


Caught somewhat off guard by this question, I paused thoughtfully before answering.
And what I realized is I love this job for a reason that had not occurred to me before his question made me really think about it.

Sure, I love the creative element.  I love getting to know the children and families I photograph.  I love being silly, rolling around in the grass and gathering giggles and smiles from my subjects.  I love how mom and dad ooo and aaaa at the ridiculous cuteness of their little ones when they see the photographs for the first time and exclaim, “How in the world will I choose!  I love them all!”


I love all of these things about the career I have chosen.  Yet, on this day, as I glanced over the images  I had just been working on, I saw something else.

royal copy

As parents we adore our children more than we could ever have imagined. And we know this in our hearts through and through.  We don’t often get to SEE it though.  And there is a beautiful magic in getting that visual of OUR love through the power of a photograph.  A moment captured where we can see the radiant joy our children bring to our lives.  And as a photographer, I get to share that expression of love with the families I photograph so that they may reflect on and enjoy that visual forever, long after those children have grown into parents with children of their own.

This, I realized thanks to my own son’s thoughtful inquiry, is a powerfully inspiring element of my ‘job’ and perhaps the very reason I love it.

IMG_3875 IMG_3845 IMG_3758 IMG_3833 IMG_3741

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One Response to Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. Hope says:

    How sweet! 🙂

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